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If you’ve ever had to break up a family fight over the thermostat, you know that comfort is a subjective thing. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that can end the conflict for good. With a few simple modifications, your family can take individual control of their comfort with central HVAC zoning in Atlanta, GA.

What Is Central HVAC Zoning?

In a traditional central HVAC system, your thermostat controls the temperature throughout your entire home. It’s a simple and effective control method, but it can lead to certain areas being too warm or too cold. Since your system heats and cools spaces even when they aren’t being used, it also wastes energy unnecessarily.

With central HVAC zoning, you can instead divide your home into various zones of control. These zones can cover anything from individual rooms to entire floors. The thermostat for each zone can be set independently, providing far greater flexibility and control. The result is a system that can meet your entire family’s comfort preferences, no compromise necessary. Zoning even allows you to minimize the amount of energy wasted on unoccupied spaces, keeping more money in your wallet.

How To Take Control of Your Comfort

Many people associate HVAC zoning with ductless multi-splits, but going ductless isn’t your only option. Nearly any HVAC system can be adapted to support zoning. In fact, installing a central HVAC zoning system is easier and more affordable than you might think.

When you schedule a professional installation, the technician will start by placing mechanical dampers at key points inside your air ducts. Next, they’ll install a system of thermostat controls based on where you want to establish each zone in your home. Once the system is connected, the mechanical dampers can be automatically adjusted to direct conditioned air precisely where you want it. You can even combine central HVAC zoning with a smart thermostat to further maximize efficiency and save more money.

Are you ready to upgrade your climate control system and take charge of your comfort? Call Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration, Inc. today for all your professional installation and central HVAC zoning needs.

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