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Zack Hammonds leads the way in providing fast furnace repair, and other related heating service tasks. We are a NATE-certified contractor, which is a certification awarded only to the elite. This exemplifies our commitment to technical excellence in the HVAC industry. It means that when we perform furnace repair, or other heating service for your home, you can trust that it is of the highest quality. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with heating service that is reliable, cost effective, and helps in lowering your utility bills!

How A Heating System Works

heating-systemThe photo to the left features a gas furnace, evaporator coil and advanced air cleaner configuration. The evaporator coil is used only for cooling, unless you are using a heat pump, then it is used for heating as well.

When your thermostat registers that indoor air is too cool, the furnace flame ignites and begins warming the heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is a metal grid-like object contained in your furnace. The fan motor in the furnace then pulls air from the home via the return air duct (shown in the lower right in this system layout). The cool air from your home is sent through the hot heat exchanger which heats the air. Then the air is pushed back into your home via ductwork.

Electric Heat Pump

If heating your home with a heat pump, the process is different. A heat pump is able to cool in the summer in the exact same way as an air conditioner - by compressing refrigerant which chills it, and then sending that chilled refrigerant to the indoor coil (called an evaporator coil or fan coil). In the Winter season, a heat pump reverses the process. An electric heat pump extracts heat energy from the outside air, and uses this energy to heat the refrigerant (even cold air maintains a level of heat energy). Once the refrigerant has been heated, it is pumped inside to the indoor coil. The air from your home is sent through the heated coil, and is heated similar to the way it is heated with the heat exchanger. 

An electric air source heat pump is best used when Winter temperatures are above freezing (the exact temperature depends on fuel costs). When our Atlanta winter turns frigid, a gas furnace is best equipped to heat your home. 

Combining a heat pump and a gas furnace into one installation to work together is called hybrid heating. This is a popular way to save on fossil fuel costs when natural gas isn't available (since propane is more expensive to heat with). When hybrid heating, a heat pump provides heat when electric heat is most efficient, and then automatically switches off to the gas furnace when the temperature drops lower.

Whole House Humidifier

As you might imagine, sending air continually through a hot heat exchanger removes a lot of moisture, making the already dry winter air even more parched. Zack Hammonds recommends a whole house humidifier for the Atlanta Winter season. A whole house humidifier not only reduces energy usage (proper humidity levels make the air feel warmer), but it also protects woodwork in your home (including instruments), and makes your home much more comfortable, to help do away with winter irritations like dry, itchy skin. 

We encourage you to trust the leader in Atlanta furnace companies! Our in-depth experience, NATE certification, and a very high level of customer service set us apart from other Atlanta furnace companies.

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