Dealing With Pollen and Other Allergens in Your Home

Originally Published in April 2018

With sky-high pollen levels, humid air and other potential triggers, living with allergies in the Atlanta area is no fun. Even if you clean and dust regularly, chances are the air inside your home carries enough allergens to leave you sneezing, wheezing and desperate for relief. Indeed, indoor air often has two to five times more pollen and allergens than outdoor air. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a couple of simple steps you can take to remove the allergens from your home and keep your indoor air fresh and clear year-round.

Eliminate Allergy Sources in Your Home

The most effective way to control pollen and allergens in your home is to eliminate as many common sources as possible. Monitor daily pollen counts and keep your doors and windows closed when counts are high. This is especially important in the morning when pollen counts are typically highest. Additionally, consider replacing your carpets with hardwood flooring or tile if possible. Carpets are extremely effective at trapping allergens and releasing them when disturbed, and replacing them with hard flooring can significantly reduce the number of particulates in your air.

Condition Your Air

Even your best efforts may not be enough to ensure clean, allergen-free air inside your home, but there are other solutions. Air cleaners use filter systems to remove all manner of particulates from the air, and as an added bonus, some can even remove certain viruses. Ultraviolet lights designed for HVAC systems can also improve air quality by killing mold, bacteria and other potential allergens. This is particularly important for air conditioning systems, where refrigerant coils can produce the dark, damp conditions needed for organic growth to thrive. It’s also important to keep your HVAC systems well-maintained, as routine maintenance ensures that your filters are cleaning the air properly and your air quality systems are functioning at their peak.

Living with allergies can be a real struggle, but there’s no reason to suffer needlessly. To learn how you can improve your indoor air quality and start breathing easier in your home, read more about Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration’s indoor air quality solutions or call us for more information.

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