Ductless HVAC Systems Offer Incredible Efficiency

Are you thinking of going duct-free in your Watkinsville, GA, home? Ductless HVAC systems help you achieve consistent room temperature, but that’s not the only reason to consider going ductless. Keep reading to learn more about the incredible efficiency these systems offer.

Recoup Lost Energy

Did you know that the average house loses up to 25% of its energy through ductwork? Leaky ducts and poorly installed ductwork can cause these energy losses. Therefore, you can correct this problem and save money on your energy costs in the process by simply removing the ductwork.

The inverter-driven compressors in many ductless HVAC systems also help you save money. Unlike traditional HVAC compressors that shut off entirely in between cycles, inverter-driven compressors never entirely shut down. You might think this means they’re using more energy. However, compressors use a lot of energy when turning on and shutting off. Inverter-driven compressors slow down and speed up based on system needs, and because they practically never shut off entirely, energy isn’t wasted.

Heat and Cool Individual Spaces on Your Terms

Ductless systems are ideal for property owners who want more control over how they heat and cool the rooms in their homes. Traditional ducted HVAC systems send the same amount of heated or cooled air to every space in the house with a floor vent. Heating and cooling your home this way isn’t always ideal because some rooms might be warmer or cooler because of the room’s space, how many windows it has, and even how well-insulated it is.

Ductless systems consist of individual indoor air handlers mounted on the wall in rooms and other designated spaces. The unit’s temperature is customizable for the ultimate comfort. If you have a bedroom you want to make cooler, adjusting the thermostat on the unit in that room provides you with the cooling you desire without affecting the entire house.

Honest Advice from Helpful Experts

The information above is only a quick snapshot of how ductless systems offer incredible efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more about ductless HVAC systems and our professional installation services, contact Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc.

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