How New Heat Pumps Are More Efficient

If you’re searching for a new HVAC system, rest assured there are plenty of options to choose from in today’s market. Of course, the unit you select will depend on your home’s specific heating and cooling demands, but it’s worth noting that industry experts consider heat pumps armed with variable speed technology a top choice. Here’s why.

What’s a Variable Speed Motor?

As its name suggests, a variable speed motor is a fan that can operate at varying speeds. Unlike a one-stage system that operates at full capacity, or a two-stage system that operates at partial or full capacity, a unit with a variable speed motor can incrementally decrease or increase its output depending on your needs.

Variable speed motors rarely operate at full capacity, though. While they have the ability to do so, variable speed motors usually use less power to operate – as low as 40 percent capacity. As a result, a heat pump with a variable speed motor saves energy and cuts utility costs because it doesn’t operate at full capacity all day.

What are the Benefits of a Variable Speed Motor?

Compared to one and two-stage systems, variable speed heat pumps offer homeowners better performance.

Conserve Energy and Cut Utility Costs

When operating at 50 percent capacity, which is the case most of the time, a variable speed motor uses about one eighth of the energy needed to power the same motor at full capacity for an hour. This leads to major savings.

Take Advantage of More Temperature Control

With a one-stage system, you only have two options: off of on at full capacity. And a two-stage system only offers one extra setting. Variable speed heat pumps help homeowners tailor their home’s temperature incrementally.

Experience Peace and Quiet in Your Home

One- and two-stage systems constantly turn on and off throughout the day, and they aren’t the quietest of units available on the market. Since variable speed heat pumps don’t cycle as often, you don’t deal with the noise issues.

Improve Humidity and Overall Comfort

Since variable speed heat pumps operate in longer cycles, they have a better ability to control humidity during the summer months in Conyers, Georgia. This helps promote a more comfortable home, especially here in the Southeast.

For more information about how to improve energy efficiency in your home this summer, or if you’d like to schedule a variable speed heat pump installation, check out these money saving tips or contact Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc. at (770) 661-0334. Our team of Trane Comfort Specialists looks forward to serving you.

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