Is Your Heat Pump’s Reversing Valve Malfunctioning?

Your Dacula, GA home’s heat pump offers both heating and cooling functions, and its reversing valve makes the switch possible. The reversing valve controls which way the refrigerant flows through the heat pump, which in turn flips the functions of the indoor and outdoor coils. A problem with your heat pump’s reversing valve will make itself known in a range of ways that will get your attention.

System Is Stuck

If your heat pump is stuck in heating mode or cooling mode, this suggests a problem with the reversing valve. If the valve is stuck in the heating direction, switching your thermostat to cool will have no effect on the temperature of the air blowing out of the vents. Turning the thermostat and heat pump off and back on again also won’t make a difference. To prevent additional damage to the heat pump, the malfunctioning valve requires attention from heat pump experts.

Increased Energy Use

According to the Department of Energy, a heat pump that’s neglected or in poor condition could use up to 25% more electricity. This will drive up your utility bills, even if you haven’t adjusted the thermostat. If you have a smart thermostat, you can track the heat pump’s energy consumption. If it’s using more power than it previously did, a faulty reversing valve could be part of the issue.

Frozen Coil

If your heat pump’s reversing valve is stuck in the heating position, the outdoor unit could freeze over. It may form icicles or frost on the coil and tubing. That’s because the valve briefly reverses during the wintertime so that it can warm the outdoor unit. In the summertime, a malfunction with the valve could cause the indoor unit’s coil to get icy. This will create a puddle on your floor.

For more information about reversing valve problems in heat pumps, take a look at Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc.’s heat pump services, or contact our heat pump experts today.

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