Learn About Particulate Matter and Some Possible Solutions

Do you have allergies or other related health issues? The problem might be caused by the amount of particulate matter (PM) inside your Atlanta home. Finding out how much of this matter is freely floating around you requires indoor air quality solutions. Let’s take a closer look at what particulate matter can do to you and how you can fix it.

Health Issues Caused by Particulate Matter

Everyone runs the risk of having problems with PM. However, it’s much more likely to impact those who have lung or heart disease, including asthma, congestive heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Additionally, individuals who are young or elderly may have more issues than adults aged 18-65. Health issues that are caused by indoor PM include nose, throat, and eye irritation, premature death for sufferers of lung or heart disease, and aggravation of respiratory diseases or coronary symptoms.

What Causes Particulate Matter in the Home?

Some instances of PM indoors can be caused by simply bringing it inside with you. Of course, the most common causes are chimneys, fireplaces, heaters, stoves, and environmental tobacco smoke. Although it’s not possible to avoid using your stove and heater, you can reduce the usage of fireplaces to make you feel better. Additionally, you shouldn’t allow anyone to smoke inside your home.

How Can I Solve the Issue of Indoor Particulate Matter?

There are numerous ways that you could attack the PM in your home. For example, you could use an exhaust fan whenever you cook or use appropriate wood in your fireplace. The best way to reduce your risk of having health complications is to install an air cleaner. These simple tools can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne and particulate matter.

Would you like to learn just how bad your indoor air quality is? Contact the professional team at Zack Hammonds. We have a long list of air quality solutions waiting for you!

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