Multi-Stage Heat Pumps Offer Greater Indoor Comfort

The long, hot, and humid summers and moderate winters in Dacula, GA require an effective HVAC system to keep you comfortable. Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient way to maintain indoor comfort. The newest options include multi-stage heat pumps, which optimize your comfort and keep your heating and cooling costs as low as possible. Let’s take a look at how these new systems optimize your home’s comfort.

Consistent Temperature

In warm places like Dacula, multi-stage heat pumps ensure consistent indoor temperatures. The unit’s thermostat detects deviations of tenths of a degree, and it triggers a heating or cooling cycle to reduce big temperature swings. This makes you less likely to adjust the thermostat. Each of your home’s rooms will have the same temperature, regardless of the number of windows or heat-generating appliances. Multi-stage heat pumps also maintain an ideal indoor humidity level between 30% and 50%, so your skin will feel more comfortable, and you’ll breathe easier.

Quiet Operation

Many people work from home, and the majority of the time you spend indoors is at home. A noisy heating and cooling system may make it difficult for you to sleep at night or concentrate on your work. Multi-stage heat pumps offer quiet operation. Their cycles are longer, but they only make as much noise as two people having a quiet conversation.

Improved Airflow

The longer heating and cooling cycles of multi-stage heat pumps increase the airflow through your home, explains Energy Star. The increased airflow improves your home’s indoor air quality. Volatile organic compounds, droplets laden with bacteria or viruses, and airborne allergens quickly get pushed out of your home. The heat pump brings in new air and filters it, which improves your home’s air quality. More airflow also reduces odors, making your home more pleasant.

To learn more about the ways multi-stage heat pumps offer greater indoor comfort, take a look at Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc.’s professional HVAC installation services, or contact us today.

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