Potential Issues Caused By a Clogged Furnace Filter

Wintertime in Stone Mountain, GA, means you’ll turn up the thermostat, allowing the furnace to keep your home warm. In order for your furnace to heat your home effectively and efficiently, there’s some maintenance you need to do. One of these tasks is changing the air filter. There are many potential issues your heating system could face if you operate it with a clogged furnace filter.

Excessive Energy Bills

Clogged furnace filters impede the flow of heated air into your home’s living areas. The furnace will have to run more heating cycles, which causes your utility bills to skyrocket. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty air filter with a clean one should lower your heating costs by 15%.

Low Airflow and Poor Temperature Control

Clogged filters reduce airflow through your ducts and vents. The decreased airflow means your home won’t reach the temperature set on the thermostat. You’ll feel cold, so you might crank the thermostat higher. This could cause excessive wear and tear and a shorter furnace lifespan.

Indoor Air Quality Problems

Clogged air filters aren’t able to trap any more particles from your home’s air. All the dust, pet dander, pollen and germs will float throughout your living areas, contributing to poor indoor air quality. If your household includes anyone with allergies, asthma or another breathing disorder, their symptoms could worsen.

Overheated Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the part of your furnace that heats the air blown across it. If there’s no air blowing across it, the heat exchanger retains this heat. After several heating cycles, the heat exchanger can overheat, causing it to fail. A cracked or damaged heat exchanger is a costly repair, and you might have to replace the furnace.

For more details about the potential issues caused by a clogged furnace filter, take a look at Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc.’s heating repair services, or contact us for additional information.

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