Signs Your Home’s Furnace has Become Inefficient

Like other mechanical systems, furnaces lose efficiency as they age. Low furnace efficiency affects your wallet and your comfort. Understanding the signs of an inefficient furnace helps you decide when to replace your Atlanta, GA home’s heating system.

Higher Utility Bills

If your gas bill has been creeping up each month over the winter and gotten higher this year compared to last, your furnace efficiency may have waned. The loss of efficiency forces the furnace to work harder, leading to higher fuel use, notes Energy Star. A new furnace could lower your gas bill by as much as 15%.

Poor Temperature Control

When furnaces lose efficiency, they don’t do a good job of maintaining warmth throughout your home. The rooms located a greater distance away from the furnace may feel too cold, while rooms next to the furnace may feel just right. You may also find yourself adjusting the thermostat more frequently and pushing it higher than the temperature you used to have as its set point.

Excessive Noise

Inefficient furnaces must work harder, and this creates extra wear and tear on the moving parts. During the heating cycles, you may notice louder or unusual noises. Squealing and banging sounds from the furnace require professional attention.

More Frequent Breakdowns

Extra heating cycles lead to more breakdowns. As your furnace efficiency drops, you may notice that one part after another breaks or wears out. This will continue as the furnace ages and keeps losing efficiency.

Incompatible With Modern Features

If your furnace still uses a manual thermostat, it’s likely more than 15 years old. Older furnaces aren’t compatible with modern features and accessories, such as programmable and smart thermostats. Upgrading to a new furnace allows you to take advantage of energy-saving smart thermostats, variable-speed motors, and heat-recovery ventilators.

For more information about furnace efficiency, take a look at Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc.’s professional HVAC services, or contact us today.

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