The Many Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

What’s not to love about a smart thermostat? These Wi-Fi devices make it easy to optimize your indoor comfort. Discover the many benefits you’ll enjoy with a thermostat that takes temperature control to the next level.

What Makes a Thermostat Smart?

The ability to control your HVAC systems remotely makes a thermostat smarter than traditional manual models. They’re easily accessible from your computer or through an app on your smartphone. These high-tech devices also track your energy usage. Online readouts let you see just how much you’re spending on heating and cooling. They’re also programmable, which allows you to set temperatures ahead of time to match your personal schedule.

Money-Saving Benefits

Heating and cooling account for nearly 50 percent of household energy bills in Greater Atlanta. Programming your HVAC systems to operate according to your schedule helps cut those bills down to size. You won’t waste money running your HVAC systems when you’re away, and you’ll still return to a comfortable environment. You can save even more by choosing a system that notifies you when it’s time to change the filter or schedule maintenance.

Zoned for Comfort

As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc. offers a wide array of comfort controls. At the top of the list is Trane’s Comfortlink series. It uses sensors to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, automatically adjusting the thermostat to maintain your ideal setting. ComfortLink II also has a built-in router that lets you control your smart-home devices. You can turn on your lights, lock the doors or check your security cameras from an app on your phone.

Energy efficiency, convenience, cost savings and comfort are great reasons to consider installing a smart thermostat. Our experienced service technicians are readily available to help you choose the product best for you. For more information, explore our thermostats and controls section or call Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc. today.

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