Variable-Speed AC Compressors Offer Elite Efficiency

Variable-speed heat pumps are a popular, high-efficiency cooling option throughout Greater Atlanta. A variable-speed AC compressor helps to reduce monthly energy costs by changing the way the system cools your home. Besides exceptional performance, these systems can provide the utmost personal comfort.

What Are Variable-speed AC Compressors?

With this type of cooling technology, an air conditioner will run at between 30 and 100 percent of its full capacity. The speed at which it runs is determined by real-time conditions in your home. If it’s a mild summer day, cooling capacity is reduced. If it’s a scorcher, the unit might run all day at full capacity.

How Do Variable-speed Compressors Work?

Rather than simply blasting you with cold air whenever indoor temperatures rise, a variable-speed system will constantly monitor conditions and reduce or increase output just enough to maintain the thermostat setting.

What Makes This Technology So Efficient?

Variable-speed compressors don’t work as hard as traditional air conditioners, so they last longer. Because they’re not running all the time, variable-speed units consume only the electricity they need. No energy is wasted. Because variable-speed compressors have a lighter workload, they experience less wear and tear, and they have a longer service life.

It takes more energy to turn on an AC system than it does to run it. Variable-speed systems run at slower speeds for longer periods of time to maintain the preferred conditions with no fluctuation in temperature. Traditional systems allow the temperature to rise by several degrees before switching on and smacking you with a blast of cold air.

Variable-speed systems accelerate slowly, gradually increasing their speed until they reach the desired temperature. Traditional cooling systems perform hard starts numerous times per day. Do you want to save money every day on Greater Atlanta cooling? A professional AC contractor like Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc., can help you make the switch.

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