Whole-Home Humidifiers Make Winters More Comfortable

With the winter season ahead, you are going to be running your heat more often. Getting professional heating services is a great way to make sure that your Atlanta, GA home is ready for winter. However, it’s not the only thing that you can do. Whole-home humidifiers provide a number of important benefits during these cold months. Here are some ways that humidifiers make your home more comfortable.

Keep Your Skin Moist

During the winter, the heat turns on a lot. This eventually dries out the air in your home, which dries out your skin too. Whole-home humidifiers keep the humidity levels in your home stable, which keeps your skin moist so that you feel more comfortable all winter long.

Make Your Home Feel Warmer

Another great benefit of humidifiers is that they keep your home feeling warmer. Studies attribute this to sweat evaporating more slowly when the surrounding air is humid. This is the same reason why humid days feel so much hotter during the summer. The same principles apply during the winter.

Help Prevent the Spread of Indoor Viruses

During the winter, people tend to get sick. Some attribute this to being inside more, but it might also have something to do with dry indoor air. Studies show that keeping humidity levels around 50% can decrease the spread of indoor viruses in the winter by nearly 85%. This is why many hospitals raise their indoor humidity as well.

Let Our Experts Handle All of Your Winter HVAC Needs

Do you think that a humidifier for your home is the right move? Reach out to Zack Hammonds A/C Heating Refrigeration Inc. Along with heating and A/C repair and installation, we offer indoor air quality products, such as humidifiers. Contact us to learn more about our indoor air quality services or for information about our HVAC maintenance service.

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