Why Invest in Energy Star-Certified Products?

According to the EPA, almost half of the energy used in U.S. households goes to heating and cooling. Water heaters, washers and dryers, and lighting account for another 39%. AC costs are significant in the hot, humid Georgia summers.

You can trim annual energy bills by up to 50% by using energy-efficient appliances. Energy Start-certified products use less energy than comparable brands. They also save money on utility bills and help the environment.

How Products Earn the Energy Star Label

Energy Star products undergo rigorous third-party testing to determine how much energy they use and evaluate true energy-savings. The Energy Star label identifies and certifies that products perform according to strict requirements.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Products

Energy-efficient HVAC products bearing the Energy Star label reduce greenhouse gases, lower energy supply needs, and protect the environment. Some Energy Star products cost more than their less efficient counterparts. However, the energy savings over time offset the higher price. An important hallmark of Energy Star-certified HVAC products is that there is no loss of performance or comfort. In fact, many deliver better comfort.

For example, some new furnaces have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies of 90% or higher. That means that 90% of the fuel consumed to produce heat is used, and only 10% is lost. Older furnaces with low AFUEs may lose almost half of the heat energy produced. Several heat pumps with variable-speed compressors and fans exceed Energy Star’s recommended energy efficiency ratios.

Complementary products, including ceiling fans, whole-house ventilators, and windows, also bear the Energy Star label. Consumers rely on the accuracy and trustworthiness of these labels. Many of these products qualify for federal, local, and state rebates.

Zack Hammonds A/C, Heating and Refrigeration provide new installations, maintenance, and repairs for all types of heating and cooling equipment. We understand the demands that the Georgia environment places on equipment. We recommend products that save energy and perform well in hot summers and cool winters. We guarantee our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our job is not completed until you are satisfied.

For more information about saving energy and using efficient HVAC equipment, call (770) 661-0334 to talk to one of our NATE-certified technicians.

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